【Huasheng filter element】Analysis of water purification industry development!


The urgent need of human health means that the water purification industry has unlimited business opportunities. The increasingly serious environmental water pollution. The support attitude of the state to the water purification industry marks the rapid growth of the water purification industry. China's water purification industry also has outstanding potential due to the current water pollution problem in China, and its development trend is unlimited!

Some experts predict that in the next few years, the market capacity of China's domestic market for healthy drinking water will reach 50 billion RMB per year, while the treatment of water purification equipment will reach 500 billion per year. As a new household appliance industry, the market prospect and market potential of water purification industry are self-evident.

1. International trend

Statistics show that: 70% of households in developed countries and regions such as Britain, America, Japan and South Korea have used the water terminal purification system. This purification system is directly connected with the municipal water pipe. Through the advanced space and space water purification technology, the tap water can be purified with high purity, and the human body can drink directly. The general trend demand of international market is actually the development direction of China's drinking water market; the popularization of terminal purification system in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions indicates that the water purification industry has a huge market share in China; and the annual increase of net aquatic product sales in the domestic market also proves this point.

2. Domestic situation

At present, China's water purification industry is still in its infancy, the domestic urban water purifier household penetration rate is less than 5%, the market is in a just starting stage. The improvement of consumers' health consumption concept has determined that the water purification industry will have a broad development space. However, as far as the whole industry market is concerned, there is no brand enterprise with absolute advantage, and the industry pattern has not yet emerged. The market needs to leverage the opportunity.

3. Huge market share

Water is the source of life and an indispensable carrier to maintain life. China has a huge population, and the market for drinking water is incomparable to other countries. With a population of 1.4 billion in China, a person needs 2.8 million tons of drinking water per day (excluding daily water), which is very large.

4. Healthy psychological needs

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for daily drinking water has changed from the initial thirst quenching demand to the concern for safe drinking water, and then to the pursuit of scientific and reasonable healthy drinking water. The development of household water purification industry is to meet people's pursuit of healthy drinking water.

5. Expansion of water purification space

There is also a large market space for safe water use in daily life. At present, the domestic water treatment only stays on the daily drinking water, and has not paid enough attention to the safe water for daily life. With people's further pursuit of health, the domestic water purification market will be further expanded. China's water purification industry has huge market demand potential, and its market development prospect is bright. As long as we make products that truly meet the needs of consumers and vigorously explore the water purification industry market, the industrial profits will be very amazing.

6. Water purification is a national policy support project

Whether a project is worth investing in depends on whether it has sustained profitability and whether there is room for market expansion. At the same time, the state has strengthened its efforts to control pollution, and has also included in the key supporting projects for the water purification industry. The proportion of water purifiers increased in the rural areas and the exchange of old appliances for new ones, and the state obviously inclined to environmental protection appliances water purifiers.

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