The selection of water purifier depends on the filter element. How to identify the filter element!


Water purifiers, for example, are widely advocated in the market for six or seven stage filtration. Is it true that the more levels of filtering, the better? Zhou Wenhong, a testing engineer at the China Household Electrical Appliance Research Institute, said that the more filter elements in the household water purifier are, the better. "Each water purifier will use different filter elements according to different functions and practical applications to achieve the purpose of filtration. And some businesses publicize the more filter elements, the better. In fact, they just put two identical filter elements in the same position, which is not necessary. "

A brand water purifier with advanced technology adopts 4-layer precise filtration to ensure efficient filtration and removal of pollutants in water, so as to ensure water quality. The first level of ppcotton filter core is used to filter sediment, rust and other visible objects; the second level is activated carbon filter element, which can absorb residual chlorine and colloid in water and remove the peculiar smell; the third level filter element is RO reverse osmosis membrane, which can filter out harmful substances such as bacteria, heavy metals, scale, etc.; the fourth stage is super fine fiber activated carbon filter element, which can effectively improve the taste of water purification. Perfect with filter element, four-stage filtration can achieve the effect of six or seven times filtration, to meet the water quality needs of family life.

Filter element is the "CPU" of water purifier. The key to water quality is filter element. There are more than 3600 water purifier manufacturers in China, of which only 1000 have obtained hygiene license, and nearly 70% of them are in unlicensed production. The water purifier market is a mixture of good and bad, and there are many small workshops with workshops in village houses. The production environment is simple and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, in the purchase of water purifier, it is necessary to identify the brand.

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