Water purifier industry integration imperative, 2016 industry top ten market pattern


The fierce competition in 2015 has become the past. While summarizing the gains and losses of the past year, the water purifier industry began to seriously review 2016. It was previously reported that China's economic growth will further slow down in 2016, and the water purifier industry will also be affected by the general environment. At this time, water purifier manufacturers have to see the market pattern clearly and take precautions before they can change.

1、 Re integration of water purifier industry is imperative

Extensive development has become a fatal factor in the household water purifier industry, and industry integration is imperative. In the long process of marketization, the survival of the fittest is an inevitable trend. Similar to Quanlu, Midea, jingzhiquan, Qinyuan, angel with scale water purifier manufacturers at this time have more market space. Re integrating and defining the pattern of the industry and realizing the healthy development of the industry have become the focus in 2016, even for a period of time in the future.

2、 Just need to become the mainstream consumption in the market

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of drinking water safety, rigid demand is the most important factor driving the water purifier industry. In the era of rigid demand, consumers will be more and more picky about the purchase of water purifier products!

3、 Internet forces industry reform

In the context of the Internet, all walks of life have been inspired. The top ten water purifier brands represented by Quanlu water purifier are changing the traditional industry development pattern with the thinking of the Internet. In this context, water purifier manufacturers must adapt to the new market and new consumer consumption habits, and use the perspective of the Internet to examine and change the industry.

4、 The era of capital integration is coming

In the face of the big cake of water purifier industry, more and more capital tycoons begin to examine and enter the industry. For example, Unilever invested heavily in Qinyuan; at the same time, the capitalization operation of water purifier manufacturers is also accelerating. With the power of capital, it has become a common consensus in the water purifier industry to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

5、 Overall water purifier market development tends to be stable

Under the hype of the concept of the whole home, more and more enterprises begin to enter the whole household industry. As a brand-new business combination, many enterprises gradually move from unfamiliar to familiar. There are also many consumers who are familiar with and accept this business model. In such a market training, water purifier will go to a fast lane. In 2016, the water purifier market will get a good development.

6、 Service driven product sales

In the highly homogeneous water purifier industry, service is a good starting point to distinguish the differences between enterprises. In 2016, with the increasing demand for offline Internet services, more and more enterprises will attach importance to the introduction of services and use services to drive product sales. The traditional product driven service model will be transformed into the service driven product sales model. For example, jingzhiquan water purifier has invested a lot of money to deploy thousands of brand service vehicles in the terminal market.

7、 E-commerce enterprises begin to lay out offline

The myth of ecommerce will gradually fade away, and more and more enterprises will begin to examine their ecommerce development strategies in the water purifier industry with service as the value demand point. While e-commerce consumption tends to be rational, more enterprises begin to use the Internet to import offline passenger flow, so as to maximize the role of the Internet in gathering customers. At the same time, consumers' demand for product experience also forces e-commerce start-ups to start offline layout.

8、 Personalized enterprises usher in development opportunities

With the improvement of consumption demand centered on the post-80s and 90s, the diversification and personalization of consumers have become the mainstream of the market. More and more consumers begin to like personalized products, and their attention has shifted from quality and environmental protection to personalized products. This is an excellent development opportunity for many enterprises focusing on personalization. For example, Quanlu's "Chinese style", "blue and white porcelain", "Midea's" beautiful red ", and jingzhiquan's" deep sea blue "series are very popular in the market.

9、 Fine management of dealers is the trend

Dealers are facing more and more competitive pressure. Under the impact of the market, many dealers are suffering from the market. In the traditional extensive mode, the survival of dealers depends on the day (market), and there are not many business development ideas. In 2016, the fine management of dealers will become the main growth mode in the future, and a lot of energy will be put into the store, operation, team and market. Only in this way can we make our business bigger and longer.

10、 Promotion activities tend to be more rational

Under the shadow of the industry, promotion seems to have become the only factor driving the development of the industry. However, with the growing maturity of consumers, the traditional promotion methods have been unable to activate consumers' purchasing enthusiasm, and the rational demand of promotion activities has been stimulated once again. In the promotion activities, water purifier enterprises should be more rational in dealing with changes in the market and consumers, so as to promote the development of their own business.

In 2016, the development of water purifier industry will bring more and more changes to the industry, and the industry will become more and more mature.

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