Service process

Telephone consultation

Welcome to call Wuhu Huasheng filter material Co., Ltd. our staff will listen to your call patiently, understand your company's needs, and arrange professionals to provide considerate whole process service

technical guidance

Our technical personnel will give reasonable suggestions and solutions for your requirements.

Take samples for testing

Our staff will directly place an order after receiving your sample information, and arrange special personnel to send samples for you to test.

Order confirmation

Our company has strong technical force and set up a complete management system and quality assurance system, which can meet various needs: after receiving the order from customers, the staff will enter the production mode to prepare goods. At the same time, our goods reserve space is large, the delivery cycle is fast, and the quality requirements are high, so we can ensure the timely supply of products.

after-sale service

Our company always follows the concept of "customer first, attentive service", and provides customers with safe and reliable after-sales service, including customer's telephone consultation, free sample sending, technical guidance and return and exchange service.

Scope of services

              Wuhu Huasheng filter material Co., Ltd. is a hightech enterprise specializing in the production and manufacture of melt blown and sintering process. Its products include microporous folded filter element, melt blown filter element, activated carbon filter element (sintered coconut shell carbon rod filter element, die casting activated carbon rod filter element, granular activated carbon filter element, post integrated activated carbon filter element), wound filter element, multi fold filter element, high flow filter element, resin filter element, melt blown filter element Liquid gas filter membrane, melt blown mask filter cloth and other series, more than 100 varieties. The products are mainly used for air, water, oil and other liquid and gas filtration, widely used in medical, chemical, electronic, food and wine, beverage, petroleum and other industries.

The company has strong technical force, has decades of melt blown industry technology and experience, the company's production environment is clean, with domestic advanced production and testing equipment, and has set up a complete set of is09008 management system and quality assurance system. The company is also constantly developing new and special-shaped products to meet the needs of customers, and to produce products with good cost performance The company always takes the concept of "keeping improving" throughout all aspects of production and operation, and takes "customer satisfaction" as the highest goal of the enterprise, which has won the trust of customers. The products are sold well in all regions of the country and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


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